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Birthday Party Magic in Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel,Laguna Woods, South Laguna, California. Comedy Magicians & Family Entertainers Thom Bliss & Pam present Comedy Magic Shows that add more than a touch of magic to children's birthday parties, kids' birthday parties, boys' birthday parties, girls' birthday parties, and even adult birthday parties in Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills, South Laguna and throughout central southern California. If you're looking for magic & mystery and gales of laughter, if you want your child's friends to be thoroughly entertained, in Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, South Laguna, California, this is the comedy magic show for you. There's lots of audience participation and the birthday boy or girl (age permitting) gets to be the magicians special helper. The kids may go crazy with excitement after they make a live rabbit appear by magic. And, oh, yes, the adults will also enjoy this magical birthday party program for children, kids, boys, girls, and families in Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel,Laguna Woods, South Laguna, and anywhere else in central southern California.

Your child will have just one birthday this year. You can make it unforgettable!

Long after the cake and ice cream have been eaten - long after the clothes have been out-grown - long after the toys have been broken - your child will remember the magic - and smile! 

    Kids love magic. Kids love to laugh. They love balloons. And they love furry creatures. Thom's Happy Birthday Magic Comedy Show has all that ... And more!

     You and the kids will be amazed, amused, and thoroughly entertained by the magic, clean comedy and adorable balloon sculpture of Thom Bliss & Pam. 

     Thom performs his own original magic and his own takes on classic children's magic, including tricks with handkerchiefs, balloons, rope, rings, a magical coloring book, and a very special birthday hat. 

     Pam is in charge of the music and sound effects. The thinks she's funny; but you'll have to decide that for yourself.

     All the kids get to help but the birthday boy or girl (age permitting) gets to be Thom's special helper and is crowned"King for the Day" or"Queen for the Day."

 The kids go crazy with delight after they help the magician make his magic rabbit appear, the birthday boy or girl gets to hold the rabbit in a top hat while you take pictures of your child.

     Thom and Pam twist balloon hats, flowers, or hats for all the kids! And they have an extra special one for the birthday boy or girl.

     Don't let you child miss this program full of magic and laughter. Don't let your child miss these wonderful memories! Call Thom Bliss & Pam today to reserve your child's special day and time. You'll be glad you did, because their best trick is creating magical memories that last a lifetime.

        Don't be disappointed! Call today to reserve your child's special day andtime. The best way to contact Thom is to call the magic number: 714-539-4259 (or 1-866-383-0109, toll free). If you really must, you can e-mail

Kids love Thom's magic rabbit, Trixie!
"Thanks, Mom, for the COOLEST party ever! I specially liked the part where me and my friends made a REAL RABBIT appear by magic!"
Some Features of Thom's Happy Birthday Magic Comedy Show
 •  A two-person magic act, means four times the fun, for less than some entertainment agencies charge for a single performer (week-ends only).
 • Thom keeps the kids interested with lots of audience participation, because kids like being in a magic act even more than just seeing one!
 • Imagine how thrilled your child (age permitting) will be as the magician’s special helper, and even doing some of the magic!

By working together, the kids even make a rabbit appear … by magic!

 • Thom has special gifts for all the kids, including junior magician's certificates, magic tricks, and balloon animals.

Thom Bliss & Pam's kids' comedy magic shows are not only great for birthday parties, but for other occasions when you want kids happily entertained. So whether you're having a birthday party for a six-year-old in Laguna Beach, a slumber party for twelve-year-olds in Laguna Hills, or a holiday function for employees' kids in Laguna Niguel, call Thom Bliss. You'll be glad you did!

"Thom & Pam were wonderful. They were ... able to entertain and hold the attention of children of various ages and the adults too .... The children and staff had a great time .... I would highly recommend Thom Bliss & Pam."

-- Sue Olmstead
Central Orange County YWCA
Orange, California

"It was delightful to watch people catching each other with their mouths dropped open and their eyes registering awe, poking each other in the ribs and pointing, slapping their knees in delight and just generally laughing themselves off their seats."

-- Rev. Judy Secor
Golden West Area Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Huntington Beach, California

"We really appreciated your presence, the lift it gave to the event, and the look of wonder on the faces of the children."

-- Lois Christofferson
Scottish Heritage Festival
San Juan Capistrano, California

"You definitely know how to handle a large crowd of children and keep them entertained. The next day ... many of my son's friends and their parents commented that it was the best party they had been to."

-- Mrs. A.P.,
Garden Grove, California

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The best way to contact Thom Bliss MagiComedy
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Thom's beautiful accompanist, musician and comedian Pam BlissThom Bliss is a children's and family entertainer, magician, clean comedian, comic, balloon twister, and gospel magician, serving Orange county, Los Angeles county, Inland Empire, and most of southern California, including Orange county, California, Los Angleles county, California, Riverside county, California, And San Bernardino county, California.Thom Bliss performs magic & makes balloon animals indoors & outdoors at children's parties, churches, schools, businesses, parks, senior centers, community centers in Orange county, Los Angeles county, Inland Empire, and most of southern California, including including Orange county, California, Los Angleles county, California, Riverside county, California, San Bernardino county, California.Thom Bliss is a children's and family entertainer, magician, clean comedian, comic, balloon twister, and gospel magician, serving Orange county, Los Angeles county, Inland Empire, and most of southern California, including Orange county, California, Los Angleles county, California, Riverside county, California, and San Bernardino county, CaliforniaA special surprise for the birthday boy or girl"Who ordered the duck?"Watch closely!Children love Thom's magic rabbit, TrixieKids love Thom and Pam's balloons
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